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Smart Industry Expo – Our key take aways

After 2.5 years it was great to be back at an in-person event and feel the familiar yet forgotten excitement of a trade show.

We spoke to a wide range of representatives from various industries with many sharing the same day to day challenges:

1. Managing downtime

2. Reducing unplanned downtime

3. Rising energy prices

Having been in the industry for over 20 years, Konektio is well versed at helping organizations manage the first two on this list, boasting clients in the water, manufacturing, food production and medical device industries. With asset monitoring delivering savings of between 10 – 15% in unplanned downtime and 3 – 5% improvement in asset utilization, we help organizations construct a clear business case for the implementation of our platform AssetMinder.

Rising energy prices are a cause for concern across all businesses in the immediate future. We saw increased interest around AssetMinder Impact, our product that lets you monitor utility usage, giving you the visibility to take action to manage your consumption – reducing not only bills but also environmental impact.

Our final takeaway is whilst terms and phrases such as Industry 4.0, IIoT, digital transformation and condition-based monitoring are commonplace these days, the translation of this into action and value for businesses is still unclear.

With a reported 70% of IoT projects failing to meet objectives and scale, it seems there is still work to be done. We work closely with all our customers, to ensure at each step value is front and center. We know from experience, for a solution to succeed and scale, value to the business needs to be clear from the start.

Our steps to success are:

1. Challenge – Understand your challenge and what it is costing you

2. Solution – What is the solution and what will be the value of this for the business

3. Implementation – How is the solution implemented – working with partners we can provide a one-stop shop that gets you up and running quickly to deliver ROI

If this sounds familiar, reach out and get it touch, and together we can drive value within your business.

Transform your business today

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