AssetMinder is at the heart of everything we do at Konektio – helping our clients connect their people, places, process, and things, wherever they are on their digital transformation journey.

Konektio has come a long way since its early days as InVMA, when it looked to bring the concept of data aggregation to industrial clients.

Now expanding AssetMinder internationally, our team of IIoT experts is looking to the next phase of Industry 4.0 and beyond.

how it started…

Drawing on more than a combined 45 years of extensive experience in manufacturing and industrial control process, Patrick Nash and Jan Hemper joined forces, which led to the setting up of InVMA in 2012.

The company quickly expands, creating a team of talented and experienced professionals — delivering innovative and effective real-time control, monitoring, visualization, and analysis solutions to a new kind of industrial customer.

…how it’s going

Building a brand for the future

InVMA expands its product offering and begins additional development for future product add-ons for AssetMinder. It also hires additional staff in the UK and US and opens its US office (Durham, NC).

InVMA changes its name to Konektio, reflecting its ambition to be a company that creates true communication and collaboration for businesses – helping them join together all their people, places, process, and things.

we the people

The expanding Konektio team is building on decades of experience across industry, IT, IoT, UX/UI, and product design.
Peter Stephens
Chief Executive Officer
Jon Hill
Chief Partner and Solutions Officer
Pat Nash
Founder & Chief Innovation Officer
David DuPont
Head of Product & Development
Jan Hemper
Founder & Technical Director
Matt Close
Enterprise Customer Success Manager
Lucy Amortegui
Marketing Director
Sarah Payne
Non- Executive Chair

let’s do more…
with less

If we want to truly reduce our environmental impact, Konektio knows we simply can’t create ever more ‘things’ without truly considering how we work, manage, and operate them more efficiently and with lower impact on our world.

Our solutions look to take away inefficiencies from companies’ processes, allowing its people, teams, and management to concentrate on improving processes further and to start thinking ‘How can we better apply the resources we use, minimize the waste we generate, and explore how we can increase our productivity with lower resource usage?’

Konektio is working hard with industries looking to maximize the effectiveness of its IoT connectivity, allowing our customers to see more than simple alerts. Digging deeper into the data with intelligent machine learning, changes the information they generate in their operations from a simple procession of numbers into genuinely powerful insights into how they can refine their processes and improve the working lives of their people.

Today, more than ever before, companies want to team up with governments and NGOs to finally address the way our actions and industries impact the world.

Konektio is creating the connections between people, industry, and governance that can make the processes of the future ones that empower our greatest asset – people – and truly respect the resources around us.

“Today, more than ever
before, companies
want to team up with
governments and NGOs
to finally address the way
our actions and industries
impact the world”


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