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AssetMinder in action


Renowned global engineering business, Howden, was established in Scotland in 1854. But standing on the edge of the 4th industrial revolution, the company wanted to ensure it was in a position to thrive in a digital age.
Working with Konektio, they were able to connect their products and use the data to their advantage—transforming their business and enhancing the way they worked.


GCE Healthcare

GCE Healthcare develops and manufactures a range of high-quality, safe and reliable medical gas solutions and devices that help healthcare professionals and providers worldwide to meet the needs of patients and to achieve high standards of care. Their equipment is designed, manufactured and delivered to the highest standards and comply with applicable quality and regulatory standards.


MSE Hiller

Centrifuge’s are key components of many industries — but they are complicated, expensive — and big; that can lead to big problems when they fail or aren’t checked regularly in the field. AssetMinder helped MSE Hiller see all the devices in action in the field remotely.


Drive Management Systems

Water networks have large numbers of very different asset types, all key components in an important utility delivery system vital infrastructure to domestic and business users alike. To keep machines up and running 24/7 and heading off costly repair costs, maintenance and service specialists, DMS looked to AssetMinder to keep an eye out for those important machines and provide an appropriate alert system.