When you connect up your people, processes, places, and things — you can start delivering the profitability in processes that will keep your company competitive.

Connect your products with AssetMinder to provide your teams with a wealth of data and intelligent insights. Real-time data, available for all teams to access, enables efficient and effective data-based decision-making.

Regardless of your vertical, AssetMinder provides reliable remote condition-based monitoring to both stationary and mobile assets.

If an asset vibrates or rotates, beats, or heats, AssetMinder can deliver value.

OEMs can increase profitability and reduce churn when they connect up their assets

when your assets are connected you can

Improve product design and processes using real-world usage data
Provide performance and energy optimization services
Generate additional revenue from extended warranty opportunities
Move your business to an ‘asset-as-a-service’ model

AssetMinder gives you visibility of your entire asset portfolio. Service engineers can be deployed and support decisions taken based on real-time asset data.

Achieve your SLA by tracking your machine’s health, allowing you to prioritize maintenance decisions or actions that need to be made.

Connect, predict, and prevent.

How can Maintenance Repair Organizations (MROs) deliver the service and efficiencies to remain competitive in the market?

when you offer asset-based support you can

Reduce in-person site visits with remote advice and reviews
Design all-inclusive service packages backed by real-world usage data
Manage service fleets with increased efficiency and real-time monitoring
Make every service and repair decision based on data not opinions

Increased asset visibility for busy rental organizations

when you monitor and track all your rental assets you can

Know when a product is being used ‘off hire’ and outside your rental agreement
Make informed decisions about when to swap out underperforming assets
Avoid incurring costly breakage clauses

Connected people, places, and things make for true collaborative ecosystems that drive down costs and increase revenue.

Connecting your operations puts you in total control of all your things — big or small, reducing unnecessary downtime and expensive outages.

Prioritize human decisions and actions.

Bring even your remotest locations into the bigger picture from a simple, single dashboard

when you connect your operations you can

Track, analyze, and remedy short stops, boosting your OEE
Increase productivity by leveraging real-time monitoring
Predict and prevent the challenges of costly unplanned downtime
Be in control of all your things from a single space



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