It’s a very simple equation. If your equipment isn’t working, neither are you…

Assetminder® Predict is an industry leading solution for condition based monitoring, combined with cutting-edge predictive analytics, which helps to minimise unplanned downtime and optimise your maintenance schedule.


Companies experience unplanned downtime


Failed customer delivery due to downtime


Don’t know when maintenance is due

With an average downtime event lasting 4 hours and costing nearing £2M, reducing downtime has a significant financial return(1)

(1) The actual cost of downtime in the manufacturing Industry, IoTAnalytics, 2018

Why Predict?

Uncover the hidden factory

See the health of all your assets

Asset failure can be avoided

First-time fixes for failure

Maintenance plans are predictive

The power of Predict

Data from day one

Simply connect your assets and begin condition based monitoring

Total visibility

See every locations data in a single dashboard

Real-Time Alerts

Find what’s about to fail – before it fails

Plan to succeed

Schedule repairs without impacting production

Gain intelligence

Use smart insights in your decision making